Your Brand. Your Customer. Your Mobile Wallet.

Add mobile wallet functionality, including mobile payments, loyalty, offers and e-receipts to your own mobile app without involving new brands, and without sharing your customers’ data with others.

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Creating Partnership Opportunities

Paydiant’s open platform enables retailers to reinvent the wallet in collaboration with banks, networks, payment processors and other stakeholders without involving new intermediaries.

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Increase Revenue

Acquire new customers and increase ticket size by delivering highly targeted offers and personalized mobile loyalty programs to your customers whether they are using your own app or a Paydiant-powered mobile wallet from a trusted partner.

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Deepen Customer Loyalty

Delight your customers by allowing them to take advantage of the convenience of mobile payments, targeted offers, your mobile enabled loyalty program and e-receipts, all from within your trusted mobile app.

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Trusted & Secure

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that with Paydiant, payment credentials are never stored on the phone, and every transaction is authenticated using your customer’s login credentials and mobile device profile.

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Customer Insight

Rich reporting and analytics keep you on top of wallet usage trends and campaign performance. In addition, you decide which payment cards – including debit, credit, gift and private label cards – your customers can add to their mobile wallet, giving you unique insight into customer spending behavior and preferences so you can make smarter business decisions.