PayPal Blog: PayPal Celebrates Listing on Nasdaq and Completes Separation from eBay Inc.

PayPal Holdings, Inc. (“PayPal”) (Nasdaq : PYPL) announced today that it has completed its separation from eBay Inc. (“eBay”) and is now an independent public company trading on the Nasdaq  Stock Market under the ticker symbol “PYPL.” The company’s leadership team joined with employees and merchants to push the iconic PayPal button to ring the opening bell at Nasdaq to mark the milestone.


Fortune: PayPal's Future CEO Wants it to be the Operating System for Commerce

As PayPal prepares to become an independent company in the next few months—it’ll trade under the old stock ticker PYPL—future company CEO Dan Schulman gave the media a glimpse at what the future will look like for the payment giant at a San Francisco event on Thursday.

eBay of course decided to spin-off PayPal as a public company, the company it acquired more than a decade ago, under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn.


USA Today: PayPal's New CEO Talks Payments, Passion

Don't be surprised if the guy in a casual shirt, jeans and flip-flops waiting to check out next to you is Dan Schulman, the man who takes the reins of PayPal when the company splits from eBay this summer.

He's a hands-on type of CEO and he just may be doing recon for the payments processing giant.


PayPal Blog: Powering the Potential of PYPL

Back in 1998, a small group of technology and business visionaries launched a new company to unleash the power of computing and the potential of the Internet to simplify the way money flows between people and across the global economy.

That company came to be known as PayPal.


PayPal Blog: PayPal Makes Acquisition of Paydiant Official

Bill Ready, SVP and Head of Merchant and Next Gen Commerce, PayPal

Last month, we announced that we had entered into an agreement to acquire Paydiant, an innovative company focused on reinventing mobile payments. We’ve now made our way through all of the paperwork and regulatory steps necessary to make Paydiant an official part of the PayPal family.

I’m thrilled to welcome the Paydiant team to PayPal!