PayPal Blog: PayPal Agrees to Acquire Paydiant

DAN SCHULMAN, PayPal President and CEO Designee

Just over a year ago, Braintree was acquired by PayPal. With PayPal’s support, Braintree continues its rapid growth. In fact, its authorized payment volume in 2014 was $22.8 billion, more than doubling from 2013.

Today, I am excited to announce that we agreed to acquire Paydiant, another great company that is focused on reinventing mobile payments.


Bank Systems & Technology: 5 Things to Expect in Mobile Payments in 2015

2014 was a big year for mobile payments, with Apple finally making the move that the whole industry had been waiting for. The release of ApplePay means that, in the next year, millions of iPhone 6 owners will be making contactless payments, and other players in mobile payments will want to figure out how to take advantage of that.

Some barriers that have stifled mobile payments adoption will still remain, especially for in-store payments. We have yet to see a solution that really benefits everyone, and until that does happen, adoption will be capped, Barry O’Connell, partner at Capco, predicts.


Mobile Commerce Insider: Buckle Up for an Exciting Ride in Mobile Commerce in 2015

As we enter the New Year, mobile payments are in the spotlight more than ever - and for good reason.  No other technology, marketing tactic or data analysis tool has afforded the opportunity that mobile payments do to engage consumers and drive incremental visits and purchases. With loyalty-focused mobile payment apps, businesses can understand and influence in-store buying behavior in a way never before possible. As a result, 2015 will see a mass scramble by many to launch mobile payment apps and enroll consumers in them.  Buckle up we are in for an exciting ride. 


Mobile Marketing & Technology: Stage Set for a Fun Filled Year for Mobile Wallets and Commerce

When it comes to mobile wallets and commerce, 2014 brought more questions than answers – about adoption, NFC, the impact of Apple Pay, the response of merchants and banks and more.  Expect a lot of these questions to be answered – at least partly – in 2015, and a few new questions to emerge.  


UNTETHER.tv: The Future of Mobile Payments – According to Paydiant

Chuck Martin had the opportunity to visit the new Paydiant offices – they are the company behind MCX and Subway’s mobile payments app. While there, Chuck was given a tour of their Customer Experience Lab to see the things they are working on when it comes to the future of mobile payments and what he saw was very exciting. This is the summary of his visit and includes Paydiant CEO Chris Gardner’s view on the one real battle that merchants should be focused on – and it isn’t payments.


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