Mobile Marketing & Technology: Stage Set for a Fun Filled Year for Mobile Wallets and Commerce

When it comes to mobile wallets and commerce, 2014 brought more questions than answers – about adoption, NFC, the impact of Apple Pay, the response of merchants and banks and more.  Expect a lot of these questions to be answered – at least partly – in 2015, and a few new questions to emerge.  


UNTETHER.tv: The Future of Mobile Payments – According to Paydiant

Chuck Martin had the opportunity to visit the new Paydiant offices – they are the company behind MCX and Subway’s mobile payments app. While there, Chuck was given a tour of their Customer Experience Lab to see the things they are working on when it comes to the future of mobile payments and what he saw was very exciting. This is the summary of his visit and includes Paydiant CEO Chris Gardner’s view on the one real battle that merchants should be focused on – and it isn’t payments.


mCommerce Daily: Mobile Payments & the Loyalty, Rewards Factor

One of the main drags on using a phone to pay, at least in the U.S., has been the issue of what problem it solves. Anyone who has used a credit card or cash and then compared that ease of use to any mobile payment method has likely found there is no great improvement.

Of course, there is the coolness factor, like when paying via the little LoopPay FOB device, or tapping an Android phone to a terminal or, if you have an iPhone 6, trying out ApplePay.

The reality is that we’re still quite early in the evolution of mobile payments.


Payments Source: Banks Can Cash in by Adding M-Commerce Service to Mobile Payments

There is lots of talk about mobile payments and where banks play, but the real opportunity has less to do with payments and more to do with “mobile commerce services," or all of those things banks (and merchants) can do via mobile to attract, engage, motivate and reinforce customer relationships to protect existing revenue streams and create new ones.


BostInno: Office Envy - Paydiant

The venture-backed startup does the same white-label work for a handful of well-known brands--Subway, Harris Teeter and CapitalOne, to name a few. Usually it stays out of the limelight, ensconced comfortably in its new offices in Newton.  


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